Metal Screens & Custom Railings

Decorative metal screens and panels serve as a valuable tool in many applications. Creative architectural designs can provide both interior and exterior excellence for decorative and functional solutions. Our team of design experts and engineers develop interesting patterns and finishes using waterjet cutting. Although we have several different looks to choose from, your custom ideas are always welcome for creating a unique piece that can add your own signature touch to any project.

Decorative Screens

Partitioning spaces with metal decorative screens and panels are a creative way to separate areas without losing an open plan appeal. There is no end to the types of applications where bespoke decorative metal screens and panels can be used. From outdoor patios to offices and homes, decorative designs will add a defining private feeling while keeping the area open. Temporary, permanent, sliding or hanging are examples of how metal screens can add a refreshing aesthetic presence without removing the environment.


Blocking the sun from outdoor areas or interior rooms can become easy to cure when metal panels or decorative metal screens are used as shading. Whether you are looking for uniqueness and a bold design or a simple traditional design, decorative screens and panels are a great way to keep out dangerous UV rays. As well as being attractive, they are functional in helping to decrease utility costs and improve your comfort.


Our experienced and trained craftsmen excel in creating functional and appealing railings and balustrades that blend into any environment. Whether a traditional or unique look is desired, the excellence in form and balance is unsurpassed. 

There are no limits as to what type of design you wish to achieve. From stainless steel material to powder-coated iron, we work with all forms of metal to guarantee a proper aesthetic balance to your space with decorative railing. 

Custom Railings

Eye-catching custom railings can add elegance and prestige to an ordinary space. Expert designs are available to customers by our design team. If you have specific examples of custom metal railings, our team can perfect to building requirements and expertly install.

If you do not know where to start, allow our creative artists to come up with some awesome ideas for custom railings through samples and mock-ups. 

Metal screens or decorative railing will add stability, safety and add an enhanced look to your home’s interior, outside living area, business or restaurant. Quality materials and finishes, together with outstanding engineering and creative design tools, provide a unique and balanced appearance to several types of applications for custom metal railings.