Waterjet Cutting Services

ENSO Fabrication is equipped to design and fabricate the simplest one off metal part to the most complicated custom inlay project with thousands of pieces, using waterjet cutting.  The beautiful part of waterjet cutting services is the versatility and ability to cut almost any material.  

Our Fabrication Services Include

Waterjet Cutting (Metal, Granite Slabs, Glass, Stone, Rubber, Resilient, Plastic, Carpet, Wood)
Fabrication, Polishing, Honing, Edge Detailing, Welding, and Sand Blasting
Creative Design
Value Engineering (design adjustment to meet budget/schedule constraints)
Computer Aided Design (CAD)
Complete Drawings and Specifications
Graphic Rendering
Material Requirements
Samples or Mock-Ups
Painting/Metal Finishing to include powder coating
Packaging and Shipping

Typical Projects

Why Use Waterjet Cutting Services?

Waterjet cutting combines the natural resource of water and today’s technology to deliver a precise and detailed incision to various types of material. They have become an important part of the future in keeping the structural integrity of many metals and nonmetals.


As a waterjet cutting company we use extensive and accurate computer models, along with patented controlled software, to determine the exact cut.

The benefits include:

  • A unique combination of flexibility and precision unseen in other available technology.
  • Operation of the waterjet cutting machine is simplified, eliminating the need for expensive skilled labor
  • It produces products with no burrs and less scrap
  • It has the ability to make intricate, customized forms


There is no end to the types of material that benefit from waterjet cutting technology. Custom waterjet cutting enables our engineers and designers to complete drawings and specifications of projects without the need of considering the material used.

Everything from tile patterns, murals, custom railings and medallions are easily created according to the specifications of the designer and customer.

Typical Clients

Flooring Contractors
Interior Designers
Material Manufacturers / Showrooms
General Contractors
Personal Residence